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goes back on the road tomorrow to talk about health care. he will be in belgrade, montana, to talk about his plan to overhaul the nation's health- care system. on saturday, the first family plans to spend part of the day in yellowstone. afterward, president obama has to another forum in grand junction, colorado. white house officials have said that the trip is partly aimed at encouraging people to visit national parks, as well as to get out the message on health care. this morning, "washington journal" asked to be worse if the message is indeed getting out. we will show you as much as we can -- a view is if the message is indeed getting out. we will show you as much as we can. have the health care protests changed your mind? beginning with a call from sun city, fla. on the independent line. what is your thinking as an independent? caller: thanks for taking my call. it has changed my mind a bit. i think the american people would benefit by being a self- insured group, and i think it is nice that obama it is given a choice. what i would like to impress everyone with and this is very
. it is just killing me. -- it is just killing the construction business. i worked in oregon and montana, and i come here in a right to work state and making what i did back in the 1980's because of all of the illegals here. you have been fighting -- every step of the way. the whole thing, the police chief of phoenix, he is a democrat and he won't let his officers ask if they are illegal or whatever. host: we will have to live there. mayor gordon, a sharp response? guest: number one, i did not know what the chief police -- he is a professional and recognized, the most respected -- most respected. no. two, with inviting the issues. number three, the officers have a policy that is supported, in fact a model for the country. the other agencies have done it, when it is appropriate, and not based on race but a violation of law as to the legal status. and they arrest. again, i think there is a lot of misunderstanding and unfortunately individuals like the sheriff had targeted people because of the color of their skin. i don't know how you determine whether it individuals are legal or illegal because
. president barack obama had to montana today for a town hall meeting on his health-care plan. the rally is planned in the conservative suburb -- suburb -- belgrade. you can see live coverage on c- span 2 at 3:00. conservative bloggers are meeting in pittsburgh today, as well, for a two-day meeting for strategies. we will have live coverage at 7:40 p.m. for the americans for prosperity organization. >> the newest supreme court justice, sonia sotomayor, attended a reception with president barack obama. we will show it as part of cspan's america and the courts saturday at 7:00, eastern. >> three days of peace, love, and music. 40 years ago this weekend, half a million people gathered for woodstock. saturday, the co-founder will take us behind the scenes. that will be at 9:00 p.m., eastern, on both tv. >> how is cspan funded? >> donations? >> federal funds, grant funds? >> maybe contributions. >> austin, i don't know. >> i would say from commercials. >> advertising? >> something from the government? >> 30 years ago, america pause cable companies created cspan as a public service. it is a pr
the record? >> i do not specifically -- we have two town halls leader in the week. one in montana and the other in colorado. the president will be back here for a bit to end some downtime with his family. i do not doubt we will take this battle up in some earnestness in september but there are no specific menu announcements. i think the president believes the format of the town hall in the ability to discuss directly with people what their cares and concerns are, he finds it tremendously valuable. >> is there any concern that this misinformation machine continues and the record cannot be corrected as the white house would like to be, that it could potentially make it more difficult to get health care reform across? >> if the debate is dominated by something that is not true, of course. i do not think the president believes that when all is said and done, that most people will make their decisions on something that is false and something that has been said as false. -- is false. i rent on cable little bit as you in your exhaling noted. -- i rant on cable a little bit as you in your
committee. friday in montana and others. and our preference is to work through this process and hopefully come out with the bill that has agreement amon. >> do expect any republicans to vote on this bill? >> think many would like to see some health care reform. i trust the the three republicans working in the senate finance committee are doing so in good faith. i have no reason to believe they are not. >> how was it that you think you can achieve a bipartisan bill when it seems you're having trouble achieving a partisan bill? with the divisions between the democratic party right now, between the blue dogs and of the progressives in the house? >> i think that -- there blue dogs on the energy and commerce committee that voted out a bill on the house side before we left for recess. so i think this notion that it is impossible even to get agreement on our side on what a health care plan looks like belies the notion of this is a piece of legislation that went through not one, not two, but three committees on the house side. i think the notion that we cannot get something done like that just is
lawmakers. would you consider, for example, in montana giving to the republican caucus? >> i think the president feels very comfortable with the fact that he is having a representative discussion, despite people's disappointment that he was not yell that. -- yelled at. >> fi you look -- if you look at the protests we saw outside the building yesterday, as a continuum from tea parties and become -- the birth certificate issued, and the gates/crowley episode -- >> i did not go in the front door. i'm saying i did not see a representative sample of the size. >> i was just saying this is a president campaigned on the notion that we could get beyond the ugly partisan warfare of the last 16 years, and there could be rational discussion that could bring parties together. i wonder what happened to that. why did the post-partisan presidency not materialize? >> i do not know if you were outside or inside, but i say there was a rational discussion -- i think there was a rational discussion about issues, not based on ideology or party, inside the town hall. it is not for me to -- i cannot tell
. these are in kentucky, ohio, west virginia, montana and wyoming. do the authors of cap and trade want to tap into that? no america has that and more. we have the uranium, wind, solar, bio mass and hydropower. we have it all and can develop it in a responsible way. the authors of cap and trade don't want to develop all american energy resources. they want to start the energy race with china and india two laps behind as opposed to three laps ahead. the more energy america can produce, the stronger the american economy will be. energy development creates jobs, not just green jobs, but real red, white, and blue jobs. we need to keep all the american jobs we can. we need them all, and the solution rests on our shores. thank you, madam chairman. >> thank you, senator. senator. >> as i was looking over your testimony, it's clear there's a central message that we have here in the united states right now, the technology, row sources, know how to build a clean energy economy that will create jobs and cut our dependence on foreign oil, reducing pollution. this sounds like a triple win. i look forward to hearing
, the first family will visit the bozeman area of montana. an august 15, they will travel to yellowstone, wyoming and grand junction, colorado. they will then travel to the grand canyon and phoenix, ariz. on august 16 and return to washington, d.c. on monday, august 17. the first family's visit to the national parks occurred during a fee-freeing weekend for our national parks. this is encouraging all people, including the many cynical people that sit on the right end of the front row, my right end of the front row, excuse me. we encourage them to go and visit the national parks. you have to pay. everybody else is exempt. he has been to yellowstone. he tells a story of coming to visit his grandparents that i believe includes stops at yellowstone and grand canyon. it is partly to highlight our national park system and to highlight the weekend where we hope millions of americans will enjoy the national park system and there will be events in addition to some of the stops. we have the best security and the world. yes? >> two topics -- on the economy, the president said in a rose garden that
with a rancher this weekend. he has an easement he has helped facilitate important wildlife values in montana. very clear examples of how we can partner between the public and private sector to advance environmental values. i think there are opportunities along the lines. we can work with the agricultural community to make sure that those lands are part of the solution. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. secretary strickland, first of all, thank you for your service as the united states attorney. weak u.s. attorneys need to stick together. also, please pass our regards to our friend and colleague secretary salazar. you just mentioned wildlife. i am understand what life adaptation amendments that accompanied previous senate legislation in the climate change area are gathering broad bipartisan and multi-regional support. is that your observation? >> it is, senator. that is an important role, frankly, we believe for department of the interior. obviously, the apartment of agricultural -- agriculture as well. this is one of our responsibilities that we have with the public lands, and more broad
in montana. it was the beginning. we all know about that now. host: your enthusiasm is bubbling over and we can tell you had a lot of fun with this story. here is the book -- "fdr v. the constitution: the court-packing fight and the triumph of democracy." thanks to him for being with us, and for you for watching. have a great rest of the day. . . >> the impact of slowing medicare spending on its seniors. c-span2 is showing it live. president obama is talking to various groups about health care today. he will be a guest on a radio program this afternoon. we will have live coverage here on c-span as the show broadcast from washington d.c. the president is expected for 1:10 p.m. eastern. >> as the health care conversation continues, c-span's healthcare hub is a key resource. follow the latest tweets and l inks. keep up-to-date with town hall meetings and even upload your opinion about health care with a citizen video. the health care hub at c- span.org. >>gene taylor hosts a town hall meeting to talk about veterans' issues and hurricane katrina. lawmakers are holding a similar meetings this mo
in montana, but in grand junction, it is the example he used for the funding needed to be -- i'm sorry, the subsidy that needed to be cut. >> the drive for competition, for instance, like blue cross blue shield in and out -- in alabama, was ever considered to sweep away so that the private sector can go in there, like aetna and others the experts that is largely what is envisioned through a healthy exchange. _ -- like edna and others? >> that is largely what is envisioned three health exchange. the vast majority of people receive their health care benefits through their employers through private entities. the president is building on that system in health care reform, but part of what the president believes howç to hapn is we have to broaden some of those closed markets with that choice in camp -- and competition. if not, you will not be able to drive down costs and provide health care. >> what is the competition have to come through the government? why can't it come through private insurers? >> it does not have to, but i have lived in alabama. it is a decent market. there are a lot
or montana or colorado. i think he continues to be very resolved in getting something done on this issue. the president continues to believe that the worst possible outcome is doing nothing because we know what happens when we do nothing. we know that premiums are going to continue to skyrocket, 14,000 people a day are going to lose their proper insurance, but small businesses are going to lose their ability to provide coverage. the leader of the drop the idea of covering employees or drop the number of employees that are covered. and we know that insurance companies are going to continue to discriminate based on whether or not they believe someone has a pre-existing condition or make a determination about whether someone is too sick to receive coverage. that is what doing nothing will do. the president is determined that we will do something to move this process along. >> you are probably aware that a conservative true " -- a conservative group took a shot at the president right as he was leaving for his vacation. i was wonderingpt if you have a response to that, and the larger respons
the record? >> we had two of town halls leader in the week, one in montana 81 in colorado. -- and one in colorado. the president will be back here for a bit and have some down time for his family. i don't doubt we will take this battle of in some earnestness in september, but i don't think there are any specific venue announcements. the president believes the format of the town hall and the ability to discuss directly with people what their concerns are, he finds to be tremendously valuable. >> is he concerned this misinformation machine continues and the record cannot be corrected, that it could make it more difficult to get health care reform? >> if the debate is dominated by something that is not true, of course. i don't think the president believes that when all is said and done that most people will make their decisions on something that is false and that has been said as false. i rant on cable a little bit in answering another question. take a couple questions at a town hall meeting. you guys have shown enough video of people with people withthe bill. take one of those concerns
. >> my colleague from montana brought up the testimony from mr. ludwig, i want to go into another area of his testimony that i found very interesting. he makes the point, and i'm sure he could make it much better than i, which he may get a chance to do later, but he would suggest avoiding a two-tier system that allows the largest too big to fail institutions over smaller institutions. he makes the point that perhaps it would be also two-tier regulators, the best light it is in one system and others in another. the--- to regulators in once -- the best regulators in one system and the others in another. and not treating a bias and the system that would be in favor of those institutions to develop over those that were not too big to fail. >> there are a couple of questions, one being weather should be tier one entities designated as to begin fail, regardless of the occ and oversight. and weather as part of regulatory consolidation that you have a regulator based on size. we have concerns about designating institutions formally as tier one. i think you could probably say he was not, based
. >> president obama will be in montana this afternoon for a town hall meeting on his health- care plan. a rally is planned in belgrade, montana. organizers are expecting up to 500 people. you can see live coverage on c- span2 at 3:00 p.m. eastern. bloggers our meeting in pittsburgh. at 7:40 p.m., a conference by the americans for prosperity foundation. a two-day meeting on techniques for online activism. "booktv" primetime, tonight an in-depth interview with christopher buckley, the author of 14 books, including, thank you for smoking, and the latest is losing -- "losing mum and pop." supreme court justice sonia sotomayor was at the white house -- we will show it as part of america and the courts. >> 40 years ago this weekend, half a million people gathered for woodstock. saturday, co-founder michael lang takes us behind the scenes. >> how is c-span funded? >> the u.s. government. >> private benefactors. >> i don't know. i think some is government. >> it is not public. >> probably donations. >> i want to say, from me, my tax dollars. >> how is c-span funded? america's cable companies created c-
this friday in montana, and saturday in colorado. ♪ ♪ ♪ tonight we will bring you another town hall meeting from senator cardin. we will show all of it to you tonight beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern. this morning on "washington journal," we talked to the assistant managing editor of the "wall street journal." he joined us for about a half hour. host: who is winning the health care debate? guest: that is a good question. i think you could make a good argument that nobody is winning the health care debate. it has morphed in the last month that it is hard to know. i think the white house is not winning, but that does not mean they are losing the health-care debate, if i can draw a fine line. what has happened is there has been a enough opposition to the plan that the house drum up. there is no barack obama health care plan, there is a bill in the house and another in the senate. somewhere in there are the things that the white house wants to have accomplished. i think what the opposition over the past month has done is make everyone realize that what comes out of congress will be smaller, less
world where doctors and patients make decisions, absolutely. he said it sitting in air hangar in montana. >> is a private practice your government bureaucracy? >> we don't want the government making health care decisions for doctors and individuals. the president does not believe health insurance companies should make those determinations either. when they decide that you are too sick or when they decide -- i am sure you could go on the air and get 100 yours to call in who have dealt with their insurance company and found that they have had to go through extra paper work because originally a tree and was denied or some extra hurdle was put in place that they had to jump over in order to receive the treatment that they deserved. that should not happen. what in the world is that? those decisions should not be made by someone sitting in the cuban government or someone sitting in a cubicle in an insurance company. >> the president says is not -- >> we will take you live to the democratic national committee headquarters where president barack obama will talk with party activists on health car
over the place, anyone who has access to this website. to be able to take what a colleague in montana or florida or new hampshire has done and use it or create your own new lesson plan from it will be a unique feature. it will create new community on docsteach, as well. we're looking forward to seeing that. >> one last question. you see that the workers are beginning to come users. -- ec that these lurkers are becoming users? as people are on the site, do they become more comfortable answer to contribute? >> yes, i think it is important to post as much variety as possible. the people that come on this side who are reading and viewing, they might not just have something like a question that has been posed but they have strong feelings about certain subjects. something you post later, they might or might feel more comfortable. i think it is important to post a variety of questions about a variety of topics requiring a variety of answers. we don't want every answer to be an essay that someone needs to record sometimes, it should be yes or no because those cures are more likely to china a
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